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      Introduction to Intelligent Eyes

      Intelligent Eyes was established in 2004. It is a national high-tech enterprise, one of thecouncil members of CMVU, and an R&D institution in Guangzhou. It has applied for 36 national patents and set up branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen,Chengdu and Wuhan. Intelligent Eyes is a pioneer who uses artificial intelligence technology in the field of industrial detection, and ever providedprecision testing equipment and intelligent equipment for top enterprises such as P&G, Molex, Bosch, Huawei and CSOT. The equipment provided includesrobot assembling, labeling, code reading, precision testing, sorting andpackaging, transport and palletizing.

      Excellent customer experience is the starting point of Intelligent Eyes. The company setsup a relatively independent branch based on the characteristics of the industry.This branch can make decisions flexibly according to the actual localsituations, ensuring insight into the customer's needs immediately andresponding quickly. Meanwhile, the company sets up Artificial IntelligenceResearch Institute. Together with the computer vision data analysis centerestablished synchronously, the institute provides powerful algorithms, productsand data support for each branch.

      Intelligent Eyes strivesto promote the deep integration of manufacturing and artificial intelligenceand lead the industrial transformation with the combination of software,hardware and big data. All the staff of the company will bear in mind themission. Remain true to our original aspiration, and forge ahead. Inspired bythe corporate culture of “diligence, responsibility, efficiency, cooperation,sharing and gratitude”, the staff will strive to realize the goal.

      Brand Concept

      • Mission Vision

        To Be Smarter

      • Working Concept

        Enjoy work, taste life

      • Quality Policy

        World-class quality begins with heart

      • Company Culture

        Diligence, efficiency, responsibility, cooperation, sharing, gratitude


      Development path

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