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      Talent Strategy

      IE firmly believes that talents are the driving force for enterprise development. Employees are the wings that help enterprises to take off. Enterprises are the stage for employees to show their self. Employees and enterprises are dependent on each other and develop together. The talent concept we advocate is as follows:

      • People oriented

      • Fair reward

      • Fair competition

      • Career education

      The management principles of IE to optimize management:

      • From focusing on things to people

      • From focusing on business to people

      • From doing it yourself to teaching people to do

      • From being strong yourself to being strong together

      Career Development

      IE adheres to the concept of people-oriented and common development, strives to build a development planning system that is conducive to employees, gives full play to the individual potential of employees, and realizes personal value, providing a broad space for development for employees.


      Salary Benefits


      The company understands the importance of salary and treatment to employees. Through continuous improvement, it has established a rewarded wage system, and combined with performance appraisal, the corresponding salary adjustment is carried out every year to ensure the external competitiveness and internal incentives.


      Social security: pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, major illness subsidy
      Holidays: weekends, public holidays, annual leave, paid sick leave, marriage, funeral leave, etc. The state provides for holidays
      Logistics: commuter cars, work clothes distribution
      Health: Health checkup, company internal drug medical kit
      Commemorative events: annual meeting, quarterly meeting, basketball association, badminton association, mountaineering association activities
      Excellent Employee Travel Award: The company provides annual travel for outstanding employees
      Professional training: The company attaches great importance to the training of excellent employees and management personnel, and organizes various forms of training or learning growth activities from time to time.

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